Celtic Collection

Our Celtic Collection of hand bound notebooks features the blind debossing of four well known Celtic designs. They are the Celtic Dara Knot, Triskele, Celtic Cross and Trinity Knot. These designs were all important to the ancient Celtic people with each symbol having significant power and meanings. An explanation of each design can be found on the endpaper. The lore and belief in the Celtic traditions is still very evident today.

The Celtic notebooks are available in both A6 and A5 size. They consist of 160gm unruled Ivory paper

Trinity Knot

The Celtic symbol of the Triquetra interlaced with a circle is popularly
know as a Trinity Knot. The circle is believed to convey longevity as it
represents an uninterrupted life cycle. It is commonly used in Celtic art and
design and can be found in the Book of Kells.


The Celtic and pre-Celtic symbol symbol of three interlocked spirals is known as a Triskele. Commonly used in Celtic carvings, the Triskele is famously carved on the entrance stone to Newgrange

Dara Celtic Knot

The word 'Dara' comes from the Irish word 'Doire' meaning oak tree. It is believed the Celtic artistic origins of the Dara Celtic Knot symbolised the root system of an oak tree. The Celts viewed the oak tree as a symbol of power, strength, leadership, wisdom and endurance.

Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross, comprising of a regular cross with its intersection surrounded by a ring or circle is recognized the world over. Although now a common Celtic Christian symbol, the cross has pre-Christian origins. Legend has it that the cross may have been introduced to Ireland by Saint Patrick.

Wholesale available

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