Art Projects

Over the last number of years we have seen a large increase from students looking for a unique finish to their art projects and photo portfolios.

At Duffy Bookbinders, we are more than happy to offer our experience and advice to assist you on your
 projects personal design and specifications.

Binding Cloths and Covering Material

We have in stock a large selection of linen finish book cloths, buckrams and other bookbinding materials               
         which come in a range of different colours and grains.

Another popular option is students look for a hard printed laminated cover. If this is your intended finish we always
advise you to come in and talk to us before you go to print. It is very common for the cover print to be printed 
to the wrong dimensions required. For this reason we will make you up a dummy cover case, 
at no extra charge, to assist you in your cover print design.

Or maybe you have something else in mind you were hoping to use as a cover material for your project. It could
be a leather bag you traveled with for the summer, or the curtains that hung in your childhood bedroom or
even the covers of the couch or chair you are sitting in right now. All of these are examples of binding
materials we have used before. Do not be afraid to come in with your idea.
If we think it will work we are happy to use it. 
A Blind Debossing

Foil Blocking or Blind Debossing

At Duffy Bookbinders we have a range of fonts that can be used to
set lines of type,on a ludlow, that we can use to foil/blind
emboss your project (see thesis binding)

To foil or blind deboss?
This decision is totally up to your own preference, however the
material you have chosen could well decide the factor as some
uncoated  cloths take a high heat to foil, that cannot be reached
using lines of type. In this case you will only have the
option to blind deboss.

Foiling or Debossing Using a Block

If you are looking to emboss a design or script on your project, it is possible, but to do so you would have to have a BLOCK made.
This is expensive for
one off bindings, with the block
alone costing around €80.  If you choose to have a block made,
it is yours to take home and can be used again.

Slip Case or Clam Shell Box

After your book has been bound you may be looking for
a slip case or clam shell box to house your project. All
boxes are made by hand to your bespoke size. For more 
information see our Slip Case/Presentation Box page